Brahea armata

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We are excited to offer field grown Brahea Armata at 4-8’ BTH. With over 500 trees available, we can fulfill matching sizes and consistency for your project. We also have unique character tree’s such as the popular & elegant form of armata called Brahea “Clara”.
Commonly called the Mexican Blue palm or Blue Hesper palm, Brahea armata has gained lots of popularity as an alternative to Washingtonia fan palms. They are very well suited for our arid climate in Southern California, and can be planted as far north as San Francisco, out to the Arizona Desert.  This palm provides significant design appeal and it’s pastel blue fronds are a beautiful contrast in the tropical or waterwise garden. Brahea armata is slow growing, drought tolerant, and very compact. When compared to Washingtonia, the Mexican Blue palm is much shorter, less costly to maintain and enjoyed at eye level for many years. The large cream colored inflorescence of Brahea armata is also a highly desirable trait! The flowers are colorful, attractive to pollinators, and span double the width of the canopy when in full bloom. Specify Brahea armata in desert, mediterranean, or tropical design and irrigate as you would a Mexican Fan palm! 
  • Common Name: Blue Mexican Palm, Blue Hesper Palm
  • Origin: Baja, Mexico 
  • Zone:  Coastal Southern CA up to San Francisco and east into the deserts of California & Arizona. 
  • Light Requirements: Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Design Appeal: Icy Blue Palmate Fronds, Light Brown Petioles, Yellow Teeth, Large Cream Flowers, Wide Textured Trunk 
  • Mature Height: 40’
  • Trunk: Single 24” Diameter 
  • Canopy: 6’-10’