Rhapis excelsa

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Rhapis excelsa can be seen in tropical gardens around the world.  It’s slender, yet dense clustering growth pattern, makes it a perfect choice for many design applications. Plant it against a wall, fence, along a walkway, or as a privacy screen.  Also know as the Lady Palm, it is often categorized as a type of Bamboo Palm, and can be used as a less invasive alternative to bamboo in the tropical garden. It’s thin fibrous brown trunks are stacked with delicate green fan shaped fronds. As the plant matures it can be pruned to shape and size. Rhapis Palms are one of the most popular choices for pottery, and it is a favorite choice for interior designers. Whether using Lady Palms indoors or out, they are tall, elegant, and easy to grow!


  • Common NameLady Palm 
  • Origin: China, Japan, Vietnam
  • Zone:  Coastal Southern CA, Northern California, Full Shade Inland CA 
  • Light Requirements: Part Sun, Full Shade, Indoors
  • Design Appeal: Delicate Green Fan Leaves, Tropical Bamboo Like Clusters, Yellow Flowers, Fibrous Brown Trunk, Slow Growing
  • Mature Height: 10’-12’
  • Trunk: Cluster of 1” Diameter Trunks
  • Canopy: 3’-10’ spread