Roystonea regia

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Your source for field grown Royal Palms in California! We have 1000’s of Royal Palms at 15 - 25ft BTH, ready to be specified for your project. With our vast grove of trees we are able to fulfill requests for matching quality, character and consistency in height. In the mid 90’s we introduced this iconic palm tree into California’s commercial landscape, most notably at Orange County’s South Coast Plaza and Del Amo Fashion Center. Our next generation of specimen Roystonea regia are ready to go. Royal Palms have been used as a statement of luxury, leisure, and royalty for hundreds of years all across the world.  Specify them in your plans the way you would a Date Palm or King Palm, and at a comparable cost as well!  Royal Palms are hearty, easy to transplant, and require little maintenance costs because they are self cleaning! Our Royal Palms are grown in the California desert, making them tolerant to extremely high and low temperatures.

  • Common Name: Cuban Royal Palm
  • Origin: Cuba, Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, Florida
  • Zone:  Coastal Southern CA up to Santa Barbara and east into the deserts of California & Arizona. 
  • Light Requirements: Full Sun
  • Design Appeal: Dark Green Full Plumose Fronds, Big Lime Green Crown Shaft, Massive Concrete Grey Trunk, Buldging Round Base
  • Mature Height: 50’-60’
  • Trunk: Single 24” Diameter 
  • Canopy: 15’