Washingtonia filibusta

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From the arrival of the Southern Pacific Railroad in the early 1900’s, to welcoming the Olympics in 1932, Washingtonia Fan Palms were planted in California to represent a life of prosperity and leisure. In fact, the city of Los Angeles planted over 25,000 palm trees just in 1931 alone! Most of them were Mexican Fan Palms or California Fan Palms, so using a hybrid between the two is a great way to represent and honor the history palm trees hold in California. Our grove holds over 1000 Washingtonia filibusta from 10-30’ BTC and we are ready to fulfill orders that require matching consistency, character and size. Our palms can be seen at many In n Out restaurants and shopping centers across Southern California. Most notably, we proudly provided Washingtonia hybrids used along the San Francisco waterfront, and at Oracle Stadium, home of the San Francisco Giants! 
Our Filabusta Fan palms are a beautiful cross between Washingtonia filifera and robusta. They are a perfect substitution for pure filifera, or robusta, when going for the classic California feel.  Washingtonia Filibusta grows slower and holds more green fronds than traditional Mexican Fan Palms, resulting in less maintenance costs and increased ornamental value. They are also less prone to fungus and disease when compared to California Fan Palms. The trunks are thicker than robusta, but not as massive as filifera. If you are thinking about using a Washingtonia palm in you plans or design, filibusta’s are definitely the way to go and very economical too!
  • Common Name: Mexican Fan Palm Hybrid
  • Origin: Hybrid Made in Cultivation or by Cross-pollination 
  • Zone:  California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon
  • Light Requirements: Full Sun to Shade
  • Design Appeal: Dark Green Large Palmate Leaves, Colorful Orange to Red Teeth, Thick Grey Trunk, White Flowers
  • Mature Height: 40-50’
  • Trunk: 24” Diameter 
  • Canopy: 8’-10’