One of the most important parts of insuring good results for your newly planted palm is making sure your trees are handled and installed properly. Following these steps will help your new palm trees go through less transplant shock and minimize the risk for loss. 


When preparing to install palm trees, we recommended digging the hole deeper and wider than the measured root ball. Our Royal Palms and other field grown palms come with a root ball that is 4ft wide by 4ft deep. Preparing a hole that is 5ft by 5ft has many benefits. It allows for plenty of space for the root ball of the palm tree to be surrounded by newly tilled and amended dirt. 


Before you plant your new palm tree, it is important to understand what type of native soil you are working with. Do you have clay that will hold too much water and be hard for new roots to penetrate ? Or do you have DG or Sand, which will offer great drainage but very little biology, or organic matter for your palm to feed on. We believe it is fundamental to create a perfect blend of soil & biology for backfilling your hole. If you have lots of clay, removing it and using sand or DG mixed with microbes, and organic material is very helpful. It will increase drainage as well create a healthy environment from microbial growth that is beneficial to plant health. If you have almost all sand or DG, blending your native soil with organic living material will creat a nice balance of drainage,biology and moisture retention. 

Worm Gold Plus:

For the best planting results and to minimize transplant shock, we highly recommended amending your backfill mix with Worm Gold Plus. This is a highly advanced organic blend of worm castings, rock ash, and kelp that will help create the most ideal growing environment for your new palm tree. For our large field grown palms, we recommend lining the bottom of your hold with Worm Gold so that the root ball sits directly on top of this amazing blend. Use 4 bags to amend your back fill material and when you are finished, place a full bag on top of the rootball at grade as a top dress.