Bismarckia nobilis

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Bismarckia nobilis is another palm from Madagascar that has gained lots of popularity in California. This massive silver fan palm  has some serious design appeal! They have a huge silvery blue palmate leaf that stand upright and stiff. The overall appearance of this palm makes a statement in the garden, no matter its size.  From tropical to low water landscapes, Bismarckia nobilis delivers a touch of magic to either application
We have grown thousands of Bismarck Palms since the mid 1990’s and source our seed 
  • Common Name: Bismarck Palm 
  • Origin: Madagascar 
  • Zone:  Southern CA up to San Francisco, Palm Springs to Arizona 
  • Light Requirements: Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Design Appeal: Large Blue Palmate Fronds, Stiff Upright Canopy, White Waxy Coating, Textured Leaf Bases, Clean Trunk
  • Mature Height: 30’
  • Trunk: Single 24” Diameter 
  • Canopy: 15’