Dypsis decaryi

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Dypsis decaryi is gaining lots of popularity in California as a very suitable palm for our arid climate.  Native to a drier section of Madagascar, it loves heat, it’s drought tolerant, and it’s the perfect palm choice for the waterwise or Mediterranean garden. Also called the Triangle Palm, the leaves grow in three segments, making it a very unique looking palm tree.  It has a dense upright canopy, pastel blue recurved fronds, and a fuzzy brown coating on the leaf bases. Plant as a blue contrast in the tropical garden, or use it as a stament piece alongside yucca rostrata or agave blue glow in the desert scape.  Dypsis Decaryi is a very versatile palm for most parts Southern California. It is also a great palm tree for dessert climates from Palm Springs to Arizona. 

We have been growing Dypsis decaryi since the late 90’s and our Triangle Palms are grown in full sun at our nurseries in Leucadia & Fallbrook. They are available from 3’-6’ BTH and delivered in 15 - 25 gallon plastic or 24”-36” box. 


  • Common Name: Triangle Palm 
  • Origin: Madagascar 
  • Zone: Coastal & Inland Southern CA out to AZ
  • Light Requirements: Full Sun
  • Design Appeal: Upright Recurved Canopy, Blue Pastel Fronds, Brown Fuzz, Segmented Growth , Waterwise 
  • Mature Height: 25-30’
  • Trunk: 10-12”
  • Canopy: 10’-14’