Howea forsteriana

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Howea forsteriana is commonly known as the Kentia Palm. It is one of the worlds most popular palm trees because of it’s versatility and beauty. When combined with Phoenix canariensis and Washingtonia robusta, Howea forsteriana completes the classic California palm garden. Heritage plantings of this trio can be seen throughout Del Mar, La Jolla, Laguna Beach, Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara. 

The Kentia Palm is highly prized for it’s relaxed deep green leaflets and tropical appearance.  The palm mimics the unique characteristics of a Coconut Palm, bending as the trunk weathers and grows into the sun.  Howea forsteriana can be planted in full sun to deep shade in coastal California regions from the boarder up to San Francisco. It’s low light requirements and compact size make the Kentia Palm your go to choice for interior design, raised planters, patios and pottery.

Our Kentia Palms are grown at our nursery in full sun and available from 3’-10’ BTH. They are delivered in 15-25 gallon plastic tubs or 24”- 42” boxes. Field dug Kentia are also available upon request from 12’-18’ BTH and delivered B&B.

  • Common Name: Kentia Palm, Sentry Palm, Paradise Palm
  • Origin: Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island, Australia 
  • Zone:  Coastal Southern CA, Warmer Microclimates in Northern California, Full Shade Inland, Indoors 
  • Light Requirements: Full Sun, Full Shade, Indoors
  • Design Appeal : Relaxed Deep Green Fronds, Tropical Coconut Like Canopy, Red Olive Sized Fruit, Green Ringed Thin Trunk, Slow Growing
  • Mature Height: 40‘
  • Trunk: Single to Multi 18” Diameter 
  • Canopy: 10’-15’