Phoenix dactylifera

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Phoenix dactylifera is becoming one of the most popular palms used in commercial landscapes across the Southwest.  The most well known cultivars of Phoenix dactylifera are Medjool & Zahidi. They are farmed all over the word as well as in California for their sweet date fruit.  Our date palm farms are located in the Coachella Valley as well as Blyth.  We offer both Medjool and Zahidi Date palms at 6-16’ BTH.  Phoenix dactylifera is highly praised for it’s architectural appeal and “diamond cut” trunk. They are contemporary and often seen at resorts, shopping centers, & business parks throughout Southern California, Palm Springs and Las Vegas. 
  • Common Name: Date Palm, Medjool, Zahidi, Deglet Nour
  • Origin: North Africa, Southwest Asia 
  • Zone:  Coastal Southern CA up to San Francisco and east into the deserts of California, Arizona and Las Vegas. 
  • Light Requirements: Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Design Appeal: Stiff Greenish Blue Pinnate Fronds, Trimmed Upright Canopy, Yellow to Orange Edible Fruit, Textured Diamond Cut Trunk, Adventitious Roots
  • Mature Height: 75’
  • Trunk: Single to Suckering 24” Diameter 
  • Canopy: 20’-30’